About Us

About Us

Debtprotect arranges Credit Insurance cover to protect businesses against the unpleasant and distressing effects that result due to suffering bad debts. Bad debts can seriously affect your cash flow and profitability which ultimately could lead to the insolvency of your business.

There are also many additional benefits of credit insuring your business which may not seem apparent. For example the credit insurers we have access to provide information on companies which is unique, and this information is continuously being updated. Therefore the insurers have access to much more information on which they can assess the credit worthiness of any company. The protection which Credit Insurance offers helps to ensure that a business remains profitable and is in a position to grow with confidence.

What are the benefits?

By having a credit insurance policy in place the insurer may be able to offer cover in excess of what you may be prepared to offer to your client uninsured. Therefore using credit insurance can be an effective business strategy as it allows you to increase you trade on credit without increasing the risk. The specialist credit insurers we work with provide a complete service by offering a debt collection and legal service for all of their insured clients. All of these features will complement your existing credit management procedures and place you in a stronger and more confident trading position.

What will Debtprotect do for my business?

Using our services we can arrange many types of Credit Insurance policies depending on your specific business requirements. The policy will be tailored to meet the requirements of your industry and your business needs. Whether you want to credit insure your entire customer base or just require it to cover export debts, DebtProtect is ideally placed to negotiate a policy that is right for you.

In summary, Credit Insurance not only protects you against bad debts and gives you access to unrivalled company information as well as being an effective tool for business growth, but it also includes a debt recovery facility and legal service for your insured clients.

Finally, if you use our services to obtain a quote, DebtProtect does not commit you to taking out a policy with us. So please contact us now if you would like to learn more about how Credit Insurance can benefit your business!

When I decided against taking out credit insurance on some of my customers, it was a decision which ended up costing me nearly everything I owned. My advice to small and medium sized businesses, particularly in these tough conditions, is to tighten up on your financial controls, check your customer’s credit rating, always agree terms in writing, invoice promptly, never be afraid to chase late payments and take out insurance!”

Peter Jones – Dragon’s Den & Entrepreneur

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