Credit Insurance Cost

Credit Insurance Cost?

The cost of credit insurance policy depends on a number of factors. For an indication of cost simply contact us by phone, or by completing our quick debt protect quote form.

For a formal indication of terms we need a completed proposal form which can be downloaded from our website or alternatively you can speak to one of our consultants who would be glad to take the information from you.

Looking for credit insurance experts? You will be glad you spoke one of our credit insurance brokers.

Costs of clients not paying you

When you have a business that needs cover against debts, when clients are not paying you for time you have spent working for them. Credit insurance is the solution to the longer term costs of not being covered by debt insurance.

It is important for businesses, especially small businesses to be paid on time and not have to waste time and money chasing debts. The knock on effects of bank charges you may face if you depend on certain income to meet your cash flow needs can quickly mount and often make you count the cost of a customer that has not paid you. Deciding to take debt insurance by speaking to a Debtprotect credit insurance broker will give you the peace of mind you need so you can concentrate on running your business without the stress of chasing unpaid debt.

When I decided against taking out credit insurance on some of my customers, it was a decision which ended up costing me nearly everything I owned. My advice to small and medium sized businesses, particularly in these tough conditions, is to tighten up on your financial controls, check your customer’s credit rating, always agree terms in writing, invoice promptly, never be afraid to chase late payments and take out insurance!”

Peter Jones – Dragon’s Den & Entrepreneur