Credit Insurance Cover

Credit Insurance Cover

Debtprotect arranges credit insurance giving your business protection against bad debts.

Your business could face a bad debt as a result of your client’s insolvency or payment default. Debtprotect help arrange credit insurance cover for your business indemnifying you up to 95% for your loss which in most cases will cover a significant percentage of your profit margin.

Types of credit insurance cover

Debtprotect arrange the following types of cover – whole turnover Domestic Credit Insurance cover, export cover or combined credit insurance cover as well as single risk credit insurance cover.

We can arrange domestic policies that cover commercial risk and export policies that also include political risk. Commercial Risk Insurance covers non payment of debts due to Insolvency or Protracted Default (failure to pay for goods or services provided in accordance with a contract).

Political Risk insurance cover includes cover in the situations where the actions of government cause the payment failure. Examples include Public buyer default, Export restrictions, Import restrictions, Political events, Foreign currency shortages or restrictions, Inconvertibility, Contract termination, or Contract frustration.

All the credit insurance policies we can arrange via the insurers can be assigned to an invoice discounter or factoring arrangement. We can also help to arrange such a facility, if you require, from one of our many contacts in the market place.

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